Astra Lunch at SASS 2016



Welcome to the website of ASTRA, the Association of Swedish Teachers and Researchers in America. ASTRA was founded at the first ASTRA luncheon in Seattle, WA, on Friday April 23, 2010 during the 99th annual meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study (SASS), with the intention to register the organization as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Former Swedish Information Service Director Marna Feldt reported on the history of academic meetings between the Swedish Teachers and Researcher in North America. Additional founding members were invited to join ASTRA during the remainder of the SASS 2010 conference.

ASTRA is a non-profit organization for researchers and teachers involved in Swedish language, linguistics, literature, culture, and area studies. ASTRA promotes the study of Swedish, Sweden, and other Swedish speaking contexts at all levels, and works to facilitate cooperation between scholars engaged in these fields.  






FAll 2015 Sweden Symposium

"Realities" in Contemporary Swedish Cinema

22-24 oktober 2015 




American Swedish Institute

Chelsea Bowen

Ingela Haaland                

Jean Hanslin

Karin Krull

Ingrid Nyholm-Lange

Gregg White  

Augustana College

Benjamin Mier-Cruz

Brigham Young University

Christopher "Chip" Oscarson

Columbia University

Lena Stenwall

Gustavus Adolphus College

David Jessup

Ursula Lindqvist           

Kjerstin Moody

Harvard University

Agnes Broomé


Valorie Arrowsmith

Bror Cederström

Karin Eriksson

Marna Feldt

Fredrik Starmark

Innis College

Roger Greenwald

Minnesota State University

Rennesa Jessup

North Park University

Ann-Marie Andreasson-Hogg

Oglethorpe University

Jay Lutz

Pacific Lutheran University

Troy Storfjell

Portland Community College

Gunilla Rohdin

Portland State University

Christina Kreft-Tengblad

San Diego State University

Anne Charlotte Harvey

Swedish Cultural Center

Laura A. Wideburg

The Swedish School, Seattle

Pia Nyström

The Swedish School, Washington, D.C.

Maria Bouroncle

Ann-Catrine Skoog Elmer

Margareta Feller

Gunnel Hamilton

Margareta Storm

Lisa Ehm Waller


University of Alberta, Edmonton

John Eason

University of British Columbia

Lena Karlström

University of California, Berkeley

Christian Gullette

Karen Møller   

Linda Rugg

UC Berkeley, Extension

Agneta Schipper


Kimberly La Palm

Arne Lunde

University of Chicago

Michelle Urberg

University of Colorado

Merete Leonhardt-Lupa

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Verena Höfig

Theo Malekin

Mark Safstrom

Anna Westerståhl Stenport

Rochelle Wright

University of Maryland

Rose-Marie Oster

University of Minnesota

Lena Norrman

University of Nebraska

Edith Matteson

University of Oregon, Eugene

Amanda Doxtater

University of Toronto

Anu Muhonen

University of Washington         

Ia Dubois

Lotta Gavel Adams

Sabina Ivenäs

Lars Jenner

Mimi Nielsen

Liina-Ly Roos

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Susan Brantly

Scott Mellor

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Veronica Lundbäck

Yale University

Peter Leonard





President Ursula Lindqvist

Vice-President  Amanda Doxtater

Treasurer  Christopher "Chip" Oscarson

Secretary  Benjamin Mier-Cruz

Member at large Scott Mellor

Graduate Student Representative Mimi Nielsen






News & Events


ASTRA Lunch at SASS 2016

Come to the ASTRA lunch at SASS from 12:10-1:20 p.m. Friday, April 29 in the Compass Room of the Hilton New Orleans Riverside!

 In lieu of a formal catered luncheon we have opted for a more informal, brown bag lunch meeting. Please bring your lunch (there is a food court a short distance from the hotel) and join us for a meeting in the Compass Room.